Friday, December 20, 2013

11 to twenty 14.

My quote has just been renewed. Yeay. Well, it has been a while since i wrote something in this blog. I just did not have the time and passion to read. I was not that busy but I just changed. This blog is used to be the place that I expressed myself and all the problems will be listed here, but when was that again? Seven month ago? Heh. Okay la, i just write a few issues then i'll go to sleep. 

First, i think i have changed a lot this year. Last night, i tweeted something, 

"@khalid_murshidi: What i have learnt in 2013 ; worth more than what i have went through for the past 20 years."

Yeah, it is true. It is all start when i fall in love munirah ismail. Bloody hell, during the first phase of our relationship, this girl gave so many sorts of ache; headache, heart-ache and ache on my archilies. Hehe. I think she is the main reason why i changed so much, i think from the different point of view, because you know, this girl is so hard, so hard to win her heart. Jual mahal much :p thank God things getting better nowadays, and yeah, we love to argue and have the cute catfight, but i think she is the one. Ya, she could be the one, time will tell though. (Siti munirah, if you are reading this i love you so much) hehehe.

Okay, fuck this shit, i also have done stupid mistake this year. Maybe because i always have nothing to lose, but i do have many things to lose. You know, i lose more than 4k RINGGIT because of that stupid investment, fucker! Imagine how many things i could buy with all the cash. Ya, i have to do some mistakes in order to grow up, but still, i feel so stupid. 

The last but not least, i see a very obvious change in myself. I seems don't give a shit about so many things, and fortunately, i have found my own ego and often use it against people around me. It is like a form of defensive measure for me. Sometimes, it hurt the other person around me. I don't know. People changed, and i am one of the people.

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